Another kind of movie review

There are many funny movies out there on youtube. But some of the best are about ironically pointing out the flaws in movies – be it good or bad ones. Let me show you a couple of examples – you will find many more when you follow the recommended videos.

Please be aware, that these clips all contain heavy spoilers. If you still intend to watch the original movies, don’t have a closer look at the clips that follow.

The “Everything Wrong With” clips, that show brief scenes of a movie and then a voice-over on why there’s something wrong. The fallacies are never those boring continuity-related ones, but on plot holes, nonsensical ideas in the script, bad acting, etc etc. I especially love the tongue-in-cheek flaws, such as “Hermione isn’t old enough to be hot yet” in the review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Another fine example, among a lot of others, is the error “Nokia” in the review of Star Trek:

Now, for the “Honest Trailers“. Those are videos that are made of movie clips as well, pointing out the highlights, the film makers and anything that usually makes you want to see the flick, just as any other trailer does. Even including some stern voice-over, similar to what we know from trailers to action movies. Now, these honest trailers will point out why the movie is not so awesome after all. One of the best honest trailers is, in my opinion, the Matrix:

Now, one of my very favourite movies of all is Inception (some day, I will desperately need to go into more detail on this). That being said, it’s clear that I totally love the honest trailer to it:

For good measure, let’s turn to “How it should have ended“. Those are anime clips, that are based on the original movie. And they acutally show up a way how the movie could have ended differently – using a deep plot hole for instance. Take the Lord of the Rings for instance:

Finally, a nice ending to the Harry Potter saga:

As I said, there are many of these clips, and they are awesome, when you have seen the original movie. Enjoy!


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